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    猪倌的女儿 女同免费视频

    导演:Bethel Buckalew 




    主演:Terry Gibson Peggy Church Gina Paluzzi 

    更新时间:2020-08-01 09:03:10

    简介:女同免费视频 Harry Novak, brings us a obscure but entertaining tale of the coming of age of a farmers daughter, Moonbean (Terry Gibson), a red-head, busty country bumpkin who is the towns whore. She is constantly spied on by her younger sister Pretty Patty (Peggy Church) who masturbates after seeing her sisters sexual encounters. The ladies in this movie are all on the voloptuos side, it is a soft core but in any decade it would have gotten an X-rating, the sex scenes are that explicit. The lucky guy is Jasper who gets to do all the ladies in the movie, including a hard to believe overdeveloped 15 year old hitchhiker, (who would make any guys quickie hall of fame). The movie has erotic moments, and is funny.